Yoga in Paphos

Whether you’re spending your holiday in Paphos or you live here, there are plenty of yoga options around the city and in the nearby areas. There are many different yoga studios and gyms to attend a yoga practice in Paphos – many of which I haven’t even been to! There are also yoga classes organised on the beach, rooftops and grassy areas – all with awesome views and teachers. You can practice your favourite styles from Yin and Restorative to Hatha and Vinyasa yoga – depending on what fills your cup! 

Yoga class organised on the beach

When I first moved to Paphos I had no idea where to practice yoga other than my own living room which is not always what you feel like doing when you’re on holiday right? As a yoga student and teacher I have practiced yoga in many different studios around the world and I really enjoy practicing at yoga studios. I love the sense of being part of a group moving and breathing together, creating intentions and having a knowledgeable teacher guiding you through the yoga flow. 

So having spent almost two years living in Paphos I now know when and where to catch a good yoga class with my favorite teachers. Hope this will make it easier for people who are as lost as I once was 🙂 If you know of any other yoga places not mentioned in the blog post – please message me or comment below. 

Yoga @ the Rooftop of a Cool Coworking Space – Hugge Coworking

Yoga at the Rooftop of a Coworking Space

Yoga takes place on Monday afternoons, just before the sun sets over the city. It’s a 75 minute Vinyasa yoga suitable for all levels. If you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi you will find this class both challenging and grounding (despite it being on a rooftop!). These classes are usually with a nice crowd of people working at the co-working space downstairs, and often many visitors looking for something unique. After yoga you can stay to watch the sunset, have some tea and chats. The yoga classes are guided by me – the author of this post and a certified Yoga Teacher 🙂 To hear more about what I teach go check out my page. The cost of the class is 10 EUR. Yoga mats and blocks are provided. 

The Yoga Space – the yoga studio in Peigya

There is nothing I enjoy more than practicing yoga with Vanessa Morton at her beautiful yoga studio that just opened its doors late 2019. Vanessa has been teaching yoga for many years and is well known in Cyprus for being the best at what she teaches. She makes you feel welcome and a part of her community.

The Yoga Space offers various yoga classes from Monday to Saturday. There is yoga for beginners, yoga for athletes, intermediate and advanced classes. One class is 15 EUR. Packages are available. All yoga props are provided.

The studio is actually not in Paphos but a short drive away to Pegyia.

Yoga at Aphrodite Hills Spa

Yoga at the gym of a well known spa

Yoga at the gym of a well known spa is available twice a week. I teach Mondays 9am and Fridays 9am. All classes at the retreat are 75 minutes long. The yoga classes are either Hatha or Vinyasa flows with some breathing techniques. All classes are available for all levels. 

The cost of the class for non-members is 15 EUR. All yoga mats and props are provided at the spa. 

The Pilates Room

Yoga class at the Pilates Room

This is a very popular Pilates studio in Paphos, where I teach a “Slow Down Yoga & Meditation” class every Wednesday evening. The Pilates Room is run by Nikki who is a very dedicated Pilates teacher. She has many different classes running at the studio, so if you feel like doing some pilates – this is the place to go in Paphos. 

The class I teach is candlelit and available for all levels, even if you’ve never done yoga before. The class is 10 EUR, all props are provided. 

Yoga at Dance Zone Studio in Paphos

Yoga with Emilie is both soothing and energizing. She is an amazing teacher and I love her evening classes at this salsa studio (yes, you can also get your dance on after yoga!). The studio is located in the central Paphos area. 

Once you practice yoga with Emilie you will definitely go back for more – I always feel so grounded and relaxed after practicing with her.

She offers yoga for every-body and her classes include variations for all levels’ yogis. 

The cost of the class is 10 EUR, packages available. 

Yoga for You with Louise at Akoursos Village

Another great treat for your yogi soul is a trip to the mountains of the local village Akoursos where the lovely Louise has her own yoga deck built by her husband (wow!) with stunning views over the hills. The drive through rural areas is also an experience in itself. Louise is a great teacher and her classes will satisfy anyone looking for something challenging! 

Contact Louise for more info on location and pricing. I highly recommend 🙂 

Yoga with Vinyasa Yoga Johanna

Johanna is a sweet yoga teacher from France who teaches yoga on the grass by the beach in the Geroskipou area of Paphos. She has a unique way of bringing you into the zen state with her beautiful voice and creative yoga sequences. Her classes are usually held on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Contact her directly for more details. 

Drop-in class is 12 EUR. 

Yoga o’Clock with Roxana at Sandy Beach 

I actually haven’t been to this yoga but I heard good things. Roxana, the teacher, organises yoga every Thursday before sunset on Sandy Beach in the outskirts of Paphos. If you feel like doing yoga on a sandy beach by the sea – Yoga o’Clock is what you’re looking for on a Thursday evening. 

7 Buddhas Yoga Center Paphos

This studio is run by Dora, a lovely girl from Hungary. I have not been, so not in a position to describe. But if you go, please comment below 🙂 

Wellness Academy 

This studio is located near the vegan Meraki Cafe and yoga classes run a few times a week. Classes are led by Michael from Jamaica 🙂 I am planning to visit so once I do, I will update the blog post 🙂 Or drop a comment if you’ve already done yoga with Michael. 

Private Yoga Classes in Paphos

Private yoga class in Paphos
Private yoga class in Paphos with sunset

I also teach privates by the beach – on the rocks, sand, or grass. These yoga sessions are beautiful, as you’re surrounded by nature and usually in a peaceful quiet spot where you can connect with yourself on a deeper level. 

Cyprus Yoga Retreats

If you’re interested in a yoga retreat in Cyprus (whether at a villa or at a hotel) please drop me an email at [email protected] or visit my website for photos and videos from the last retreat I organised here in Cyprus. If you’re a yoga teacher looking for a retreat centre or a private villa in Cyprus also contact me for some ideas or a collaboration! 

Yoga retreat in Cyprus


If you’re willing to travel out of Paphos I highly recommend two yoga studios in Nicosia. I have been and done yoga there and I honestly sometimes travel for four hours there and back just to visit the studios. 

Yoga Love Story Nicosia

Yoga at this studio will blow your mind (and body). Nickie, the owner, is one of the most amazing teachers I have practiced with and she just moved to a larger space where she and few other teachers offer as many as 3 classes per day! Nickie is a very experienced teacher, she is so welcoming! Her studio is just beautiful. If I may say so it is the most incredible yoga studio in Cyprus. 

Yoga mats, blocks and bolsters are provided. Shower too! A little merchandise, coffee and tea also if you’re up for it. Check out their website for pricing and timetable. 

Mint Yoga.Pilates Studio Nicosia

I went to the class on Friday evening – the Vinyasa Flow. It was very good and guided by Gzada – another great teacher. Her studio is very cute. She also teaches pilates so if you want to mix it up I highly recommend it.